What’s behind the success of Roblox?

Everyone is talking about that game that looks from the first view like a 2000’s generation game. The graphics are not that special, the way your character moves and interacts with the universe’s objects does not give you the feeling that you are playing a game in 2019. The list of negatives technicities and bad graphical features is exhaustive, and yet Roblox became one of the most popular games.

Whether you are from a young or old age interval, you probably stumbled upon Roblox content on the internet, as it became one of the most creative gaming platforms. This surely reminds us of Minecraft golden days, and by comparing the success of both games we can clearly detect the aspects that made these games so special.

If you’re still having doubts about the popularity of the game, I suggest you to make a quick research on Youtube and figure the huge amount of content dedicated to that game. People from all around the world are pushing the limits of creativity in a game with infinite possibilities. Even big influencers are now shifting their gaze toward this game that was not that huge before.

Of course, the marketing effort put by the company had a huge role in making people discover about Roblox and its many features. The campaigns targeted younger generations, but the game ended up to be played by almost all age categories.


In-game interaction:

One of the key elements to the success of every online game is online interaction. Providing users with social interaction is nowadays important as the real life interactions decreased drastically. It’s fair to say that virtual interactions are slowly substituting normal interactions especially with the apparition of social medias. Virtual comes first, and then real life complements the links.

Roblox provides an excellent social ground by allowing players to identify themselves through customizations, accessories and special animations. This feature is a key factor in the development of good social ground as it allows players to express themselves through their characters and eventually find common points through the look of their characters.

It’s clear that now, offering a proper social ground is a must. Allow people to socialize in a game increases importantly the playtime. It can also be regarded from an economic perspective, players will purchase customizations in order to distinguish themselves from others appear more unique.

In Roblox, you can meet hundreds of people a day, share unique moments and spend endless hours playing games. People there tend to be very kind and open for eventual friendships because they know that the game only gets better when you enjoy it with other people.

Creative space:

Roblox as many successful games (like Minecraft) provide creative environments for users to unleash their skills. You can build thousands of games; your creativity is the limit. Build your own world and invite your friends to share it with you.

For that, Roblox puts at the disposal of its players a panel of elements that you can set a dynamic environment for games. For people who aren’t confident enough on starting their own worlds, a little research on internet would be very helpful to inspire you.

People love to create things, and Roblox is a game that encourages creativity and sharing. Whatever you have on your mind can be portrayed in-game, and the combination between this aspect and the possibility to involve other players in your creations is what makes the game unique and amusing.